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Betty King International Ministries exist to provoke the body to a deep, sustained and relentless pursuit of Jesus Christ.

For over 25 years we have seen lives be set free to pursue God’s divine will for them through our local church, prayer gatherings, international outreaches and myriad of conferences and schools for men, women, the youth and the family as a whole.


Humbly led and directed by Reverend Betty King, the effect and evidence of the goodness of the Lord has been displayed all around the world with signs following for God’s glory.


Our BKIM Online Masterclass is another tool God wants to use to further His eternal plan on the earth. The primary purpose is to see the raising up and equipping of saints with ethics, principles and astute in the things of the spirit.


It’s not just a school but a lifestyle of one's God is calling and commissioning into strategic roles in society to see it culturise by the kingdom and currency of God.


We look forward to adding another chapter to your personal story of spiritual revival and societal reformation.

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