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Dear Saints,

There’s been so much shaking around us. So much mudslinging towards and from key figures around us. Whether the myriads of allegations are true or not, there’s insight to be gained as we look intently in the face of Jesus in the midst of it all.

The scriptures tell a story of when Moses went to seek God’s direction and word. The people managed to convince and manipulate Aaron to lead a rebellion and apostasy against Moses and more importantly against God, by him doing their bidding. The depth in this scenario cannot be underestimated. When we look deeply, we see a man pandering to the latest wind that has captured many.

As I also looked, with the backdrop of all that’s turning around us, the Lord kept emphasising how those who are waiting in truth with conviction abounding, are being attacked by the enemy through those who hold influence and sway over people through negative and hellish means. There’s an appearance of the divine but they have lost their sensitivity. These ones are thus giving in to what the people want. They’re giving in to the hype. They appear to be seeing right but in reality, within their heart there’s no transformation.

All around, structures are being built to put people in caves and bondage, because the liberty that ushers in revival is not being stewarded.

When Moses went in to seek the face of God, it cost Him everything. There are many, whom through adversity, have sought the face of God and have found that peace. These are the overcomers that will pull down iron gates as they have stood the test of time and been victorious.

There’s also a false thinking that’s pervading the body; ‘Christian influencers’. I’m at a lost to where this phenomenon came. Some of these are brazen enough to show their bodily parts that God wants to preserve, on social media. Modesty and grace has been lost so they may gain friends and influence people.

We so need to be aware of watching eyes that get caught up in this, and thus think this it’s normal Christianity; one doing whatever they feel on a whim and that God is blessing it.

Social media has got such a potent place for the advancement of the kingdom. Yet, as we navigate through it and harness its massive potential for shewing forth the nature and character of our Lord, let’s not get caught up in some of its deceptive allure.

We have, which had maligned the impact of our witness, also elevated certain people on pedestals that have sadly isolated well meaning and humble ones that are not part of these cliques. ‘If this person is not on board, then neither am I’ and ‘If this person is not involved then surely God is not in this’.

Surely with all this causing such haze, God’s supreme kingdom is also causing all other kingdoms to shake but His alone standing. As false kingdoms shake, levels of discernment and truth increases for His battle to be won on the earth.



Dr Betty King


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