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Put On Your Strength

Dear Saints,

There’s copious signs all around us in this moment, each with great depth of meaning. In a little while, I’ll be bringing some of what the Lord has shown me. Yet, the most important thing for many of us believers is to be encouraged and keep pressing in. Although some may feel weary, our calling as Jesus’ bride and body means some have been anointed, assigned, and prepared to sustain the whole through their ‘keeping the watch’ as it were.

When the children of Israel came out of Egypt, they didn't come out as a tribe, but as a nation. Like the children of Israel, there’s an emergence of many in the kingdom of God that are untainted, uncompromising, and fiercely intentional with a holy focus, gaze, and vision. Their voices have emerged in the corridors of power. Whilst the media projects an opposing narrative, It's important that you know that God has hidden so many people for such a time as this. This is bringing great strength to people.

Whatever capacity that you have. Whatever strength that may be hidden and latent, awaken it today. Put on that strength, that beautiful garment, so the kingdom of God will emerge beautifully and strong; each and everyone using their strength in God here on earth. There’s so many strategies that have and are being given to so many different people. Many are doing exactly what they have to do with the capacity God has endowed them with.

Most importantly, we are the body of Christ, and there is so much great strength in that truth. There's a sacred movement sweeping the globe that, although it may seem like there’s a shaking, our God the Father has raised up people who are contending as ONE.

God will have His way. Just trust that.


Rev Betty King.


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