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About Us

Bethshan Foundation is the registered Charity of Betty King International Ministries founded by the Chief Chairwoman, Reverend Betty King. For over a decade, Bathshan Foundation has served as a conduit in funding large community-centric projects in Ghana, other parts of Africa and beyond.

One of the functions of the foundation is to assist men and women in Africa who need a little help towards getting their businesses to prosper. Every year we take an international team to Ghana to provide respite, hope, encouragement and equipping for better futures.

How the Charity Helps

  • Makes Grants To Individuals

  • Provides Other Finance

  • Provides Services

Where the Charity Operates

  • London Borough of Brent and all boroughs

  • Ghana

  • Kenya

  • Nigeria

  • Tanzania

  • The Gambia


Who the Charity Helps

  • Children/Young People

  • The Elderly

  • The General Public/Mankind

What the Charity Does

  • Education/Training

  • The Advancement Of Health/Saving Of Lives

  • The Prevention or Relief Of Poverty

  • Overseas Aid/Famine Relief

  • Religious Activities

Food Bank
The Bathshan Foundation also runs a food bank from our base in Brent. This initiative has been in operation since 2018 and has seen significant growth, particularly in recent times. In response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Bathshan Foundation quickly mobilised to support churches, charirities, soup kitchens and neighbours in Wembley and across London, serving thousands daily.
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