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Reverend Betty King is an apostolic prophet to the nations. Her love for God shines forth in a fiery & passionate obedience to the King of kings. Answering His call has seen Reverend King travel to every continent; moving in the prophetic, touching and transforming many lives and rekindling hope.
She is a woman full of love, wisdom, strength, kindness, compassion and grace. Those that follow her example will find themselves in a deeper, more honest place with God, positioned to do His will.

Humble Origins

Betty King International Ministries we see today was birthed in the presence of a handful of people in a not so spectacular living room in 1998. Since that evening, all praise and glory to God, the Ministry has never looked back.

Indeed the prayers and faithfulness of a few, so strongly catalysed by God’s own intention for the ministry, blazed a trail for all willing hearts to be delivered from their trials and afflictions. The Tabernacle of Faith Fellowship (TOFF) was set up in 2002 that we now know as the popular BKIM Heatseekers Tuesday Prayer Meeting.

Prayer and Intercession

Reverend King is a prayer warrior and apostolic general of the faith. BKIM is founded on prayer and communion with the Father is truly where Reverend King’s joy abounds.


Reverend King mentors leaders of industry from all spheres of influence and has done so for decades. Her anointing and ability to raise up others and train transcends boundaries and generations, reaching across the entire body of Christ and into the marketplace.


A phenomenon in property development and business, Reverend King imprints Christ in the boardroom and in every business deal offering consultation and counsel to multinational corporations. Many organisations benefit from her integrity and Godly wisdom.
She works to form long-lasting collaborations with both secular and Christian organisations. Her example demonstrates that making Christ of central importance in the marketplace provides unrivalled growth and a purer market culture in which business people thrive.


Reverend King sits on the directorship of GOD TV’s programming and creates cutting edge content that brings glory to God by telling unique stories and having important conversations. She is a sought after speaker on the BBC, Daystar, Revelation TV, Premier Radio and various Christian outlets. Her insight on topical issues is respected and valued.

Societal Influence

Reverend King’s prophetic impartation brings transformation and is appreciated by financial, political and religious world leaders alike. God uses her to speak soundness and to bring Godly change in different spheres of the society. Reverend Betty King is a happy mother to three wonderful children and has three amazing grandchildren.

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