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The Fortune 100

Betty King International Ministries and Truthvine Church are founded on two basic tenants, to be a House of Prayer and a House of Solomon.

Fortune 100, is our business training and equipping programme which is for those who want to  go into business as a Christian and want to make an impact for the Kingdom.

The aim of the Fortune 100 programme is to train and equip businesspeople to generate, steward and distribute wealth in a godly way, to bless the world around us as well as the body of Christ, and demonstrate a new and radical way to undertake business that ensures that we are not controlled by our work, but fulfilled in it.

It is suitable for both those who want to start a Christian business and for those who have already established a business and want to grow.  The programme seeks to address both our internal character and values as well as giving practical guidance and training in starting a business, and the areas that must be addressed so that the business is founded on the Rock  and not on the shifting sands of current thinking.

This programme will give opportunities to learn how to establish and grow in business.  It is not only about the mechanics of doing business, but the character and values of the owner(s) which will be the foundation of the culture of the business.

Fortune 100 is a unique business programme that provides teaching brought by different businesspeople who will provide real life, practical and biblical teaching.  Fortune 100  also deals with the core foundations of our inner self through biblical teaching and spiritual insight which therefore  challenges us to go deeper in God to develop character, integrity and business wisdom.

Fortune 100’s essential aim to raise up millionaires and kingdom financers.

Stewarding Wealth


From Abraham to the Disciples and even Jesus himself,  business and stewarding wealth was  an integral part of their lives and Fortune 100 is about developing people to generate and steward wealth in all forms, because it is one thing to acquire wealth, but another thing to gain and maintain the wealth in a God-honouring way.  The culture of God’s Kingdom when it comes to wealth and finance is founded on the same thing that everything else is – His Divine and Holy nature.  To be successful in business or any element of the overall marketplace, foundations need to be dealt with first.  It is a key focus as part of the training and preparation of those destined to steward great wealth successfully.


Psalm 72

Psalms 72 underpins the mandate of The Fortune 100 Programme.


This is the prayer King David pronounced over his son Solomon at his coronation. It is a powerful declaration that fully describes how life is supposed to look for those who would truly be influential in the realm of enterprise and leadership. Some of the declarations include taking the responsibility to defend and care for those that are in need, receiving and stewarding great wealth and generally being a blessing to the earth.


The Sapphire Company essential aim to raise up millionaires and kingdom financers.

The Fortune 100 programme will assist you with:


  • Relevant and biblical teaching, input and networking opportunities

  • ​Meetings every 6 weeks specifically for Fortune 100 members focussing on being effective Ministers to the Marketplace.

  • ​Business experts coming to share, inspire, motivate and advise in the forums​

  • There will be at least one external networking event a year with relevant guest speakers.

Tips for aspiring Entrepreneurs:


1. Education – take the time to learn and educate yourself in the relevant areas.

2. References – build up good references such as teachers, lecturers, mentors and so on that can give you a recommendation.

3. Experience – seek work experience to develop an area of expertise and be faithful to your employer. Maximise your time as being an employee is part of the journey towards becoming an employer.

4. Work Ethic – He encouraged aspiring entrepreneurs to develop a strong work ethic of excellence and demand the same from those who eventually work for them. He reminded kingdom entrepreneurs that their 9 to 5 jobs were to be taken seriously as a God given opportunity and call into the market place, not despising the days of small beginnings.

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