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The Real Anointing

What we need is the real anointing, not noise.

If anyone takes the mercy and the love of God for granted, you might as well quit being a Christian. He will never leave you nor forsake you. When all hell breaks loose, He comes and puts you back into His perspective. If you are praying for money etc., you’ve got it. This is a season where Christians have experienced the biggest breakthroughs; we just need to wisdom to obtain it.

Take that step of faith to see the goodness of God. God is not mocked. We need to repent before God and tell him we need his anointing. It is important we pray for the anointing to come into the church and not idols. When you carry the anointing it destroys the yoke. Next time any demon wants to pick a fight with you, pick a bigger one. Have the audacity to get of the little thing you are sitting on and step on some things.

Annihilate Prisoner Patterns of the Past