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June 11th

Dear Saints,

Many that are protesting because of historic sins, aim to bring awareness of what has gone on. And those that had been involved in heinous things inflicted on the defenceless will clearly be judged.

What we have also learned from history is that when an another heinous type of injustice was being inflicted, a figure would invariably rise up and speak against that self same injustice. There are thus so many people who in their own way, fought for the liberty of the whole mankind. Winston Churchill was such a figure. And so to be pulling down statues of Churchill and others who ostensibly stood in the face of widespread injustice for the sake of the world, in my humble opinion, is not what black lives is or should be about.

Yes, there was and is rabid injustice which God is clearly dealing with. Yet it doesn’t it make right by tearing down statues, being violent and the like. Actions like that doesn’t help in the long term.

History is history. Some of the memories are truly painful and traumatic, but in the wake of what initially happened in the USA, we have a unique opportunity to make right history. This is why so many of us, quietly, over the last week, through engagement with central government, local and regional stakeholders, are changing the narrative. We’re doing this by using the Christ given standards and the Christ giving strength to stand against injustice, against racism, against misalignment, against misrepresentation, against curse words, against dishonour. Ultimately against misjudgments that have come from the ignorant, who refuse to use the principles of God to get to know another human being. They rather engage the use of pathetic means to judge another and to ostracise.

But through grace and grace alone, history is being made by ones who are about the kingdom of God. If we are about the kingdom of God, this history that is being made needs to have His kingdom essence, heart and nature because we are the glory in the midst. We need to dialogue and patiently listen to those that are willing to make the changes and build together. Build precisionally together not rushing to destroy.

Many hurting young ones who carry pain will react in their own ways. They will speak and vent in their own way. Dare I say, there maybe a time and place for that. But the Word of God exhorts in Micah 5 to ‘gather yourselves in troops’. These different troops are bringing the different aspects of the healing process that is clearly taking place. To simply show a picture of a white man standing next to a black man without real depth of connection or esprit de corps, is just posturing and silliness.

So I think in this hour let's get to the truth, and really build intentionally to move forward.


Rev. Betty king


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