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April 13th

Dear Saints

The day after Jesus was crucified looked like every other day. It seemed as though nothing had changed in the world. The Romans kept oppressing, and everybody went about their business. But when Jesus had risen from the dead, He went to the people He had prepared. He told the women that He had risen and went to His Disciples. They saw Him and were strengthened in their faith and went about doing good. They were changed forever when they met with Him, because they knew clearly that He was the Messiah and they ensured that His message continued to spread. Because of their obedience we are here.

Today nothing seems to have changed in the world after much prayer. However, if you are one of those that the Lord has prepared, and if He is tugging at your heart with revelation, and if prophecies are coming to you fast and furious, then get up and make plans for what comes after this. He is stirring the hearts of those He has prepared. The preparation the Church went through before this has kept and sustained many during this time. Now He is about to breathe on His children for the ‘after this’. He praised the Father because revelation hidden from the world was given to His children (Matthew 11:25). He is providing revelation and wisdom for what it is to come.

Nothing seems to have changed but get up. Receive strength in your innermost man and make plans. He’s coming, and He’s revealing Himself. He rose up, so you rise up too. Make plans on what you’re going to do in Him ‘after this’.


Rev Betty King


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