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April 25th

Dear Saints,

Father to say Thank You to You Lord is simply not enough. There are moments in our lives that uncomfortable things happen, like we’re experiencing now. In the midst of these we tend to forget about Your power of love. But TODAY O God ours is to say THANK YOU to a mighty and wonderful God.

To the omnipresent, omniscient God! To the One that’s able to shine brighter than any light that is made by man. If a million or a billion men gather together with diamonds in their hands shining towards the sun that you spoke into being, it would not outshine Your glory.

If a million shields of a warrior is put together to catch the rising sun it’s would not be enough! The moon gives light in darkness, although blurry. But God You are the supreme LIGHT in the darkness.

When Your word is in us, we see through every darkness. That’s who You are Abba Father, our King and our Saviour. Mighty is Your name.

If thousands, ten thousand and myriads and myriads of mankind tried to speak against what You have spoken into, it would be utterly futile! What manner of love is this! What manner of Father that is so intentional about building ones who’s hearts are yielded. What manner of Father is this that even in times of great uncertainty, You speak mysteries to the heart of man from a place of trust, that he feels Your creative power at work in uncertainty and chaos as it did all those years ago! You are altogether lovely! You are wonderful! You are mighty!

We praise Your holy name. The sun comes out and fulfils it’s purpose. It burns! It heals without missing a beat! But really You are that Sun that rises up bring healing in all that You do. As You bring conviction, You also heal and restore. What manner of love is this? You are love and the ultimate expressions of love. You are the epitome of love. You are LOVE! You teach us how to love in ways we don’t know was possible. You remind us of Your goodness each day. What manner of love is this?

Jesus Christ, our Ruler, our Saviour, we honour You. We magnify You. We thank You for Your

devotion to humanity. We appreciate You! You are worthy of all our praise. Thank you for loving us so well. Thank you for being the Lord who rules over all things and in the affairs of men.

It is said in the scriptures that during your crucifixion, through the many beatings and scourging, Your visage was so unrecognisable. But I see it now Lord. Every broken piece of our lives coming together so that everyone will see Your image in Your body. What manner of trust is this, that You would cause us to see Your broken body in each of our weaknesses coming together. So that in our weaknesses Your strength is perfected. Truly You make all things beautiful.

When a man sees something abstract, You rather see something unique and authentic. That’s what You’re making in this season.

What manner of love is this?

Adored In Love,

Rev. Betty King


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