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April 4th

Dear Saints

God is in control no matter what is happening in the world, and we all know this. It has been an intense time in the presence of the Lord, where sitting with Him has not only been a pleasure, but also an opportunity to navigate through mysteries and mazes in the Spirit and find answers. To be given such access by God in this season is truly a great honour and privilege. This thing taking place in the world right now will end, and the time will come where God will use the voice and roar of the prophets to fix all that is going on. In the meantime, many are been raised up by Him to shift the atmosphere and speak against fear. To God be the glory.

I felt to bring a short word to you from Proverbs 14:4 where it says “a barn with no cattle might be clean, but strong bulls are needed for a good harvest.” When the church congregates in the days coming, it’s not going to look like a clean barn and its not going to be business as usual, because it’s the season of the strong bull and harvest. The Lord said to me that this coming time is not about the ceremonial bulls or the family bulls, but His harvest bulls.

Ceremonial bulls represent those that have all the ideas and the presentation, but never make anything happen, or pull in even one thing for the harvest. It’s all about them and how they look.

The family bull is about preservation and keeping things how they’ve always been. It represents those who are comfortable in the familiar and don’t look for the changes that are needed. Elisha was one that had to sacrifice the family bulls, so he could step into the new and follow Elijah. But the harvest bull is strong. It is able to ward off and protect, to stand against the enemy, and to bring in the harvest. It represents those that are powerful and fruitful. The Lord is preparing a strong Church full of faith and not fear.

Prepare your people for harvest.


Rev Betty King


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