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April 7th

Dears Saints,

I know many have been beautifully praying for our Prime Minister at this time! Let’s not stop and keep pressing in for him. The news, especially on the back of the hopeful words our Queen gave, has demoralised a few. No matter what, let’s continue to pray and ensure hope and expectation fills our hearts!

There are many that are praying vigorously that this will passover. Many are stuck at home with disabled families yet praying! Many with family members with mental health issues stuck at home and yet praying! Many are believing there shall be a breakage of this scourge. We stand with them and refuse to be demoralised and so cower in fear.

Remember in scripture before Passover, fear and the unknown intimidated both the Egyptians and the people of God. Yet these things had to come to almost pave the way for the grandiose display of God’s goodness and power!

As such don’t allow yourself to be demoralised by picking up what you think you’ve heard that is tied into what has happened to our Prime Minister. Rather, pray for the man and his family, and eradicate every demoralising thoughts and feelings, and let hope fill each and everyone’s heart, and believe that at the end of this, the purpose of God in your life and the life of this nation will be fulfilled. This too shall PASS! That is the truth and that is the WORD OF THE LORD!

We’re looking to what is going to be after this! Our role as believers is to bring HOPE, LOVE AND PEACE to everyone’s heart. So let’s contend for the many dealing with loneliness, anxiety, crippling fear that is manifesting in foreboding words being spoken and thus isolating many. Let’s contend for those that are now so fearful to face the outside world it’s caused tragedy and the like. Let’s stand with these dear ones and the whole nation and say ‘come out’ and ‘show thyself’ when this is all said and done!

Remember the word of encouragement that Paul gave in Romans about hope! Yes our hope is yet to be revealed and because we look ahead just like Jesus, we eagerly wait with resolute perseverance!

‘Now HOPE does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us...but HOPE that is seen is not hope...but if we HOPE for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with PERSEVERANCE’ Romans 5:5; 8:24,25.

So saints know what Father God has said and let’s cling on to it and help our families and nation see it and pursue, as hope arises in hour.


Rev. Betty King


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