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Breaking the power of the category spirit

Dear Saints

Greetings and blessings to you in Jesus name! It is clear that in this season our Lord is initiating a great move to restructure the Body of Christ for victory and freedom, and to fulfil His plans and His purposes. In this message, I want to share with you a few things that the Lord has shown me about the ‘category spirit’ and to give you vital keys for breaking its power so that the Lord’s restructuring can take place in His Church.

Breaking the category spirit with the keys of David

Saul was anointed and appointed as the first king of Israel through Samuel the prophet. Saul’s kingship had come to him supernaturally through the Spirit of God, but over time he began to disobey God and to show clearly that he was unable to walk with Samuel and align with God’s word. This disobedience eventually cost him his kingdom and his anointing left him, but for a time he still held his position as king.

David was then anointed by Samuel to be the next king of Israel. A key moment in David’s journey towards kingship came to pass when he was sent down to the Valley of Elah to carry mealtime provisions to his brothers who were there with the army of Israel facing off against the army of the Philistines.

For forty days, the Philistine giant Goliath had stood and openly defied the army of Israel. Israel was literally being resisted by a strongman, and instead of fighting the enemy army they were only managing to fight among themselves. When David came and saw what was taking place, his own brothers told him that he didn’t belong there, and categorised him as a shepherd, and as a conceited and wicked person. However, by the time that all was said and done, David had taken the head of Goliath as a trophy and given Israel the victory in battle. From this victory, David was given a place in the house of Saul. He had come to serve his brothers, but ended up serving the whole nation. He had stepped forward to challenge Goliath initially for the sake of his own ambitions and to claim the rewards that Saul was offering but ended up in the place where he would learn vital lessons about kingship.

At the Valley, David broke out of the category that he had been placed in and came into victory and destiny. This is an aspect of what the Bible calls the Keys of David, and it is important for us to study and understand the characteristics of David that enable this breakthrough.

The godly principles of David

David had to continue to break the category spirit. David went into Saul’s house as a worship warrior, and God used his skill in music to bring peace to Saul’s spirit. Through the victory over Goliath, David had also received wealth and Saul’s daughter’s hand in marriage and had become part of the king’s household. David served in Saul’s household and army faithfully. However, David’s victories and successes caused Saul’s issues and insecurities to stir up badly, and Saul looked for a way to kill David.

Saul categorised David as a troublemaker, and as a king and man of great influence, many people believed what Saul had to say about David. This reinforced the category that was being imposed on David by Saul, and David was pushed out of his place in Saul’s house. He had to escape for his life, and eventually came to the cave of Adullam (1 Samuel 22). Although this was a difficult time for David, God was using what was in Saul to push David into his kingdom and Saul succeeded in this.

The Scripture tells us that while David was at Adullam, a lot of distressed, indebted and dissatisfied people gathered around David. Among them there would have been thieves, people with anger issues, and all sorts. Yet out of this situation, and what David carried within him, an entirely new kingdom was being birthed.

This was taking place because in God’s sight, David was walking according to a different set of principles to Saul. David feared God and was walking according to godly principles.

This brings us to a point which is important for the Body of Christ right now and which we need to address. Today, there are many people who are calling others ‘Saul’, but they themselves are not walking according to David’s principles.

David was not purposely trying to undermine Saul’s kingship or even to use his own giftings and favour to take advantage of Saul’s situation. Today, however, there are some whose ambition, whose unwillingness to accept correction or direction, and whose pride in their own giftedness, leads them to label others as Saul with the purpose of undermining them and taking advantage. They go around in this immature state, and through what they say and write, point people more towards confusion than they do towards Christ. Their labelling and categorising of others in this manner breeds suspicion in the Body of Christ, and causes others to begin to see things according to these false categories rather than by the Spirit of God.

On the other hand, there are clearly also leaders that need to deal with their fears and insecurities so that they can find a way to work with the younger ones and see them released into the purposes of God. All this now has to be addressed, because with so much categorisation, labelling and infighting going on, the real enemy is getting away with it.

The key to it all is to return to the mindset of a servant. David became who he was because of the victories he won as a servant. He came to the Valley of Elah as a servant and walked away with the head and sword of Goliath as his trophies. Nowadays, we see many who want platforms to preach and to do different things, but they have no trophies of servanthood. A person’s gifts are to serve the Church. Somehow, some have become so distorted in their thinking that they think the Church is there to serve their gifts. When are you in this mindset and you come across leaders who resist your errors and provide correction, you interpret this as the spirit of Saul. God is looking for people who will come into the Body of Christ to build in whatever capacity, not to promote themselves in any way that they can. It’s time to move away from thinking about being a superstar, and back to thinking about serving.

Transformation in Adullam