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Gather to Build

Dear Saints,

The Gates and The Doors

The Gathering

As we approach the Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year, the Lord keeps imprinting the word ‘Gather’ in my spirit, along with the story of rebuilding of the Walls and Gates of Jerusalem through Nehemiah’s leadership. The unfolding great narrative of the rebuilding taking from Chapter 3 I believe, has some keys for us to pray with as we enter into this great coming new year for the Bride of Christ and our world.

The Bible tells us that after the great leader purposed that no unclean thing would have a part to play in the rebuilding and refortification, he gathered those who had the spiritual right and availability to mount this great work. From stage left enters Eliashib the High Priest, who in turn ‘rose up with his brethren the priests and built the Sheep gate’.

The Chosen Ones

The Lord has let us know from the foundation of He has chosen us and the ‘the LORD has called Me from the womb; From the matrix of My mother He has made mention of My name’ (Isaiah 49:1). And so Eliashib was no different, as his name would mean ‘whom God restores’ also meaning a conversion back to what it was meant to be. In short this man had been called to be a CONVERTOR.

Yet his tenure as a High Priest before being exalted as one of the rebuilding leaders, was fraught with compromise that for all intents and purposes should have disqualified him from such a hallowed position. But God!

He had allowed his grandson to marry the daughter of Sanballat and to add insult to injury, he had indulged Tobias to the degree that he had leased storerooms in God‘s holy Temple and gave him charge over it. His past spoke deafening indictment over him and thus was UNFIT to show his face. What compromise! What open door for accusation against any rebuilding. But God!

In spite of his past and present issues, he had a calling and purpose over his life as a priest, and from the place of real repentance, right and proper arrangement of God’s Holy Temple, he could now confidently and without accusation walk into the full calling of God on his life as one that would CONVERT.

Priests Of Today

Eliashib is a perfect picture of how we today have operated in presumption in wanting to build or erect something for God. We fail to understand the times and season, and so seek out the gift of man rather than being still and knowing He is God so that He may direct our path. We look on the outside rather than the heart and real intention, so get into alignments that erode and leech of us. In doing so, we become so compromised that we easily acquiesce to demands and place people into positions that clearly go against God’s heart and will. These people therefore become ‘inside man’ for the will of the opposition.

Our Lord’s example in the choosing and appointing of his own converters/disciples needs to be our true yardstick. He did nothing without seeing His Father do it, nor spoke without hearing His Father utter His commanding voice. He did not judge by what He saw or heard, but in righteousness did He operate. Jesus knew who to choose to do life with and to appoint into high office. It was not done on a whim or impression, but from the blueprint that came from nearness and pursuit of His Father.

Our Lord could not do with distraction from within or without, as such to bring real REDEMPTION and RESTORATION of the walls and gates of people’s lives, He needed ones who had been tried and tested in the crucible and furnaces of fire.

Eliashib, like some have done in our day at some point, had created such internal distractions and disruptions that it nearly derailed the conversion, as we see through the narrative in the book of Nehemiah and Ezra. But God!

Gate and Tower

For many of us, even in the midst of great indictments from our past, and some the present, many have pushed through and contended through periods of confession consecration, and thus change for the times of redeeming that have now come. These times have preserved them to rewrite back to God’s initial merciful intentions for their lives and certainly for the ultimate purpose for the Bride of Christ.

Through fire, Eliashib now gathers the consecrated ones who have made covenant by sacrifice to start the rebuilding and the conversion. The rebuilding starts on the Sheep Gate with the doors being done with spiritual excellence and so progress wouldn’t stop until it reached the Tower of Hananel. It’s important to pause to see what God needs of us as we start on this journey of rebuilding, restoring and converting all things in this coming new year.