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God is Leading His People on an Ascent

Greetings and blessings to you in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus. I want to share the word of the Lord with you for this tremendous season of transition that we are in.

Many in England and all over the world are able to testify that over the last few months we have seen tremendous breakthroughs and breakouts of the Holy Spirit. What is happening is truly incredible. What I felt as I was praying, however, is that strategic action is needed to sustain the momentum that is building.

I want to share with you some keys with you that will help you to address the sticking points that could hinder the speed of the ascent that is taking place in your life and enable you to stay aligned with the Spirit and to avoid acting on your own strength.

Wisdom for the Ascent

In this season, God has been leading His people on an ascent, closer to Him and deeper into His presence and purposes. As many have climbed, the Holy Spirit has led them to shed the heavy loads and burdens they have carried for far too long and which have previously held them down.

As you climb and the weights are lifted from you, you will feel lighter within yourself. However, because you carried a sense of being burdened for so long, and it became so familiar to you, you may also feel unusual and somehow empty as this happens. The danger for some is that they then rush into finding something else to be burdened with, for the sake of restoring a sense of the familiar. This is a subtle trap. Don't allow yourself to fall into this temptation or let yourself be drawn into the first issue that presen