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June 10th

Dear Saints,

In this day, the Lord is calling us to see things as they really are so that we can do all that remains to be done and regain all that has been lost. I want to share with you a dream that I had recently, which will encourage you to press into God for the harvest that is to come.

Fields of Ripened Wheat I had a dream in which I had come to an English farm. The farm was plentiful in what looked like ripened wheat, but at a closer look it seemed that the wheat was overripe. In the midst of the fields of wheat was an empty oasthouse, in which the wheat was supposed to have been stored. Next to the oasthouse was an area which looked like a place of rest for the farm labourers.

Also, in the midst of fields of overripened wheat stood a group of people. They had microphones, speakers and amplifiers with them. A board set up by them had ‘008 written on it. They had been trying to make themselves heard, but the wind had not been carrying their voices. They had since turned on their amplifiers and were making great declarations about the harvest. They seemed to have the impression that they were making their declarations to a bigger crowd than was there and seemed to think that their voices were reaching further than they did.

An elderly lady came out from among them. She was 97 years old. She went over to the oasthouse and into the rest area. When she came back out she had a match in her hand. She then lit the match and started to torch the overripened wheat. Although there was fire it did not burn the wheat, rather the fire was exposing the porcupines and foxes causing them to scatter, running everywhere.

The people in the group suddenly seemed to realise then that they had been surrounded by ripened wheat but had not harvested it. Their declaration thus were being made without harvesters. When declarations a