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June 19th

Dear Saints,

When I was with the Lord today, I saw a picture of slaves moving a cart vividly displayed before my eyes. They were moving it towards a place where they were building something. I was reminded of the children of Israel, when they were workers toiling for the Egyptian empire. These people were not only being used as slaves, but also to build monuments to their masters.

So many hands have been quick to build monuments to the same things that have enslaved because ambition and greed have become masters. The same root issues that enslave have so encapsulated that we reflect and revel in them.

Yet, many now want to be free of the ungodly structures that they themselves have helped to build.

You might be in a church setting and see systemic racism taking place, but your hands grow limp and you fail to act. You may have been complicit in the breakdown of another person’s business, looking on while it was destroyed. You may have partaken in injustice because you wanted to preserve your own place amidst the dysfunction. And forgetting, that through all this Almighty God is looking on from above. You may seem to be looking for freedom, and yet by your own hands, you’ve become complicit in a system that enslaves and destroys rather than breaking free and trusting God.

So now when you want to walk away from what you have helped built, those you have built with will try to pull you back. There are all sorts of threats that come with reaching for true liberty and true freedom. These include mental and emotional threats, doubts and second guessing yourself. You ask yourself ‘how would I look if I suddenly stood against what I once believed and helped create’.