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June 27th

Dear Saints,

For the many of us whom tuned in yesterday to watch Apostle Chuck Pierce’s live stream on breaking cycles, knew it was life changing. At one point he started calling for the bones to come together. He called and commanded on the four winds of God to bring these bones back together again! Many can testify to literally feeling like fire was going through all who watched. The Holy Spirit then began to open my eyes to some of the definite things He was doing in the body of Christ around the world. We so need to understand and fully get right what our God is doing.

As Apostle Chuck made those decrees, I literally saw bones coming together from different sides from the ground. It seems that wherever these bones had been left, excess things had began to grow around them. These made the bones feel like they were in their right habitat which is the body as a whole. Some of these excess things had come to sustain it, but because the different parts that have come around them, are not friends or the nutrients needed for that authority, they can’t fully sustain thus not fully driving the way they’re meant to.

As such it feels like the little toe is doing the heavy lifting and leading the whole body, as those that have come around it don't have the strength or the courage to strengthen that toe unto the path that would really connect. What it looks like is people hitching up and aligning with particular groups to find their sustenance as they don’t truly know what they’re meant to be doing. These ones show their true colours in these unions by creating divisions in pushing their agendas all because of the fear of the right and real person coming in and actually doing it right and so taking away their shine and praise.

This is the spirit of bitterness operating through these ones as they feed of the body. What should be sustaining them is actually reinforcing their dysfunctions. Apostle Chuck distinctly dealt with this as he called on the four winds, particularly the East Wind. I felt this spirit was forcefully cutting away and snapping from the place of sustenance, which actually wasn’t providing but leaching from it.

The Lord was saying to break free from all these chains and use His kingdom authority,

righteousness and the seven eyes of the spirit to now begin to help navigate these disillusioned ones who through the dysfunction and disunity in the church make themselves feel good about themselves and make them feel enlightened and empowered. All the while deep on the inside they know the other person actually carries more. Through the apostle’s decrees, the snapping of these spirits were being implemented.

The Lord was then saying, ‘Now be intentional in building. Those that are trying to hold back will now have to be re-educated, and educate themselves on the best way forward’.

The Lord says He will have His way in what is being built. But we need to intentional about it. Another key thing from Apostle Chuck with regards to alignments being formed, was about the race issues affection our world. A lot of virtue signalling is at play where some white lead churches are installing black and other ethnic groups in leading prayer. What an insult. It’s like them saying let’s give them some role to pacify the maddening cry for spiritual justice, yet keep them as far away from true decision making leadership and governance positions. This is were real change and transformation happens, not some token role that’s hidden away and rather reinforces biases and prejudices. If true unity is to be forged it cannot be cosmetic. Every ethnic group where clearly the demographics demand it, need to have governance that represents its makeup as the Spirit leads. If

ethnic minorities cannot be trusted to govern, then the lessons have not been learnt.

God is snapping everything we thought we knew in this hour. Nothing is going to remain the same.

It’s going to be more intense in the next three months. We need to yield, unlearn, listen and heed.

Right now, the governments are on the Lord’s shoulders. There’s going to be such a turnaround and a shifting. I do want to encourage you to ensure that if this is about God’s kingdom and truly building, then this hour and this season you need to make sure you HEAR what the spirit of the Lord is saying and know from the Word of God what is Jesus’s greatest passion.

His greatest passion right now is John chapter 17. I heard the Lord clearly say to me ‘I will have my way and I will continually empower and anoint those that are intentionally building My kingdom’. He will deal with anyone that attempts to steal the desires of His anointed ones. He will deal with the spirit of distraction that are coming with the ones that want to keep the toe that does the heavy lifting, to themselves. This is the WORD OF THE LORD!


Rev. Betty King


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