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June 3th

Dear Saints

Every so often there comes a time in a person’s life where they find themselves propelled into a new place of opportunity and influence. When this happens, it comes with a sense of great elation and they feel beautifully vindicated for the time, effort, and perseverance that it took them to get there.

After that, things begin to settle down and the person has to go about fulfilling the day to day requirements of their new position. However, the Scripture tells us that God is the One that promotes. And any promotion that comes from God has to be sustained by making decisions that are in line with His will and His way. He is a God of righteousness, and a God of justice.

Many people find themselves in such places of opportunity and influence, only for it to somehow get into their minds that they are there on the basis of their own strength and abilities. When they then feel insecure or threatened for any reason, they forget to turn to the Lord, and instead secure their position by exercising their strength in an ungodly fashion or by appealing to the desires of the people they find around them. Because they are compromised, or depending on popularity to sustain their leadership, they are unable to bring about real change and transformation in their sphere of influence.

We have seen many presidents and leaders come and go, who yielded to the will of man in order to be voted back in, instead of yielding to the will of God. And many believers come to similar points in their lives, where they must choose to go either with the desire of the crowd, or the desire of the Lord.

Now with all that is taking place in the world, there is truly a great opportunity for harvest, healing, reconciliation and outpouring. However, whoever has been given a place of influence must use it to bring about God’s will.

Black people are known to be burden bearers, and we will carry the burdens and endure. But if you notice the quality of a people and do not seek to enhance it, and instead try to make them servants permanently, knowing that they are willing to serve, then you never saw their true value. You never saw in them the helpmate that the Lord had placed into your lives to help carry the cross and push His kingdom forward. If you choose only to use and abuse their strengths, never noticing what God has placed in them uniquely to enable His will, then at some point there needs to be a turnaround.

And this is the season and era that we are in. This is a time of turnaround.

It is only the will of God, the blood of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit that will enable us to fix all this within the Church. But everyone can see that we can no longer go on with business as usual. It is God that enables us to see, and so wherever you are, whether black of white, be a bridge of hope and reconciliation. Use your place of opportunity and influence to speak out against injustice. You were positioned where you are to bring about change. Education for the world begins when we use our opportunity to speak and do what is right by God.

Let’s embrace this change and maximise on it, to create a lasting legacy for truth, for good, and for justice in Jesus name.


Rev Betty King


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