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June 5th

Dear Saints,

As I sit here listening to the overflow of many a people’s hearts in light of the worldwide emotional response to the killing by the Police Officers in America, many are feeling jaded by the emotional avalanche and would rather get up and move away from the topic as a whole. Many are also responding in a way where they’re believing and trusting that God is causing real depth of relationship with true friends who really love each other in the midst of all this.

This is a picture of the how the body of Christ needs and will be celebrating the diversity of expressions and experiences, and so thus we stay out not shying away from the hurt and pain but staying and healing as we learn valuable lessons TOGETHER. This is true friendship and family. We cannot afford to glaze over what has happened without gleaning and growing from it and thus finding the nuggets we need to harvest in this season.

There’s great grace being released in a form of heavenly discipleship, where many are being giving the chance to vent from their depths, all to lead to the healing that has been so lacking. For many of us that pastor churches, there’s need for clear answers and safeguarding the diverse cultures that exist feel the value and love at this time. If you’ve been building your church in and for kingdom, you have nothing to worry about. Because you’ve weaved, navigated and with grace and kingdom precision, sewed and painted God’s masterpiece with all the different cultures in your church, each would now know how God’s sovereignly operates in our world. They wouldn’t need you to be more white or more black or go with the flow of the hour, rather be given the ultimate currency which is


Leaders at this time CANNOT and SHOULD NOT attempt to compensate people in their duty of running God’s church. Everyone in your church must be taught about kingdom principles. Do not rush to compensate by being seen to do SOMETHING. Move in the Holy Spirit, as Jesus’ axiom for His Church was to make disciples of all people.

Make sure the people are discipled, healthy and being taken care off. Don’t compensate because everyone is doing SOMETHING. The only way growth and lasting transformation can happen, is when we go down to the root of the matter and not be interfering with other people’s journey and process as many have been tampered with. Dishonouring of true kingdom diversity has lead some to tamper with intrinsic issues that are particular to varying places and peoples. They have interfered by exalting their ways as the only way and remedy. Tribalism and colourism at it pernicious.

Ultimately all this still boils down to disciplining the nations. Pick up your mantle, calling and commission, and dig back into the word and disciple the people. Right now everyone is going to have an opinion, yet at the end of the day, the lovers of Jesus will turn to you, and you and I better make sure we have the true word of the Lord for them that will feed them, heal them, cause them to grow and see their own personal needs met.

You don’t back down now even if you made a mistake in respect to race matters in your church. You now get up and learn a valuable lesson and disciple Gods way. Not a black church, or whit church, or European or African church. Let’s have the kingdom church.

What’s integral at this time is that this needs to end well with valuable lessons being learnt not rushing through it because others may feel uncomfortable.


Rev. Betty King


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