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March 19th

Dear Saints

Esther prepared a banquet of wine to reveal her identity to the King, in order to demand justice from the injustice of Haman. At the time of Esther receiving her justice from the king, a eunuch named Harbona was present. Harbona means ass-driver. Harbona knew from his alignments and his experience all about Haman’s intentions towards Mordecai and the Jews and he spoke up at the right time to bring it to an end. He pointed to the gallows that Haman had built and revealed all that Haman had planned to do with it. The king’s response was to hang Haman on the same gallows.

Today we are praying that in regards to this thing that is crippling the world, that those who are a part of this conspiracy will expose its real intention and bring it to an end. We call forth the ones that have been driven to create it, to expose its real intention and leave nothing hidden. We declare that they will be free in all of the areas of their life where they’ve been neutered because of the secrets they carry, and that they themselves would rise up to demand and see justice.


Rev Betty King


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