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March 5th

Dear Saints,

Over the last few days, the word ‘constrict’ kept coming to my attention. As I sat with the Lord to investigate this, I saw that with all that is taking place around the world, it feels for many as though the world has become smaller and more constricted.

Let me explain what I mean. Current events in the world are bringing uncertainty, isolation and fear into many people’s lives. Some nations have shut down and people are getting their information from their TVs. News stories are making it appear as if no one can go anywhere or do anything. The enemy want to make some believers feel that there is no possibility of them achieving anything, even although the Lord has given them promises and prophecies.

However, nobody is called into the kingdom of God to be made redundant! Everyone has a calling and purpose to fulfil. As we have enter into the season of harvest, the enemy’s ploy is to make it look as though your possibilities are restricted, and to constrict you so that you lose steam and the ability to see the full picture. I want you to know that there is room for you and for everyone.

There is room for you to grow, and for you to fulfil your purpose and destiny.

As I sat praying and pondering over this word, I asked the Lord for a scripture reference and was given the story of Jacob and Laban in Genesis 30:35-43.

Laban was trying to take away what Jacob had worked hard for and had set restrictions on what he could have and what he could do. He didn’t want Jacob’s harvest to be given to him, but God gave Jacob a strategy of what to ask for and how to make it fruitful.