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May 15

Dear Saints

I want you to know and live in the power of forgiveness.

When you are the kind of person that moves in forgiveness towards yourself and others, you are freed from unnecessary entanglements. In life, people make mistakes that cause offence and there are ups and downs, but the Lord also gives us opportunities to us to His will swiftly so that ‘snakes don’t become dragons’. This means resolving issues quickly through forgiveness, and not allowing negativity to fester and develop into something worse that has the power to trap and ensnare.

However, there are people that don’t take the opportunities they have to apply and encourage forgiveness, and this allow conflicts to go on for longer than they need to. They would rather entertain situations they know are wrong and repent later, than to openly be a light to dispel darkness while it is brewing. Because issues are not resolved and forgiveness is not released, many people are trapped.

You will know that you are entangled in such a stronghold when you are holding onto and thinking about information that captures your imagination and stirs up offence and unforgiveness within you.

When this happens your sensitivity and senses are dulled and you cannot discern accurately. When a situation arises involving people that you are offended with, you are already biased and polluted and do not choose your words, actions, or attitudes correctly. You may have made up your mind wrongly about another person because of information from a third party, and this comes across in how you react and relate to them. This is all a snare from the enemy, and truth and forgiveness are needed to release you.

We have been praying for many years for things we need and that are right under our noses, but which we have somehow not been able to access because we are in captivity in one way or another.

The enemy has been handing out front row seats for people to spectate on other people’s successes and conditioning them to comfort themselves in their offences and unforgiveness by imagining that something will go wrong for those people. Years later, however, they realise that they have using their lives only to spectate and have become fat around the waistline, never having once got up to move in love and forgiveness, clear the air and dispel the offence. Their time is spent sitting on the fence instead of boldly doing what is right, and eventually they realise that life really has passed them by. And yet there were many chances to step out as the one that would heal the wounds and

bring light into a situation, so that everyone involved could find freedom. Now they find themselves fighting over things that could have fixed a long time ago, when their energy could be used for far better things.

Spending time entangled in the schemes of men has no reward, but there is great reward in the purposes of God. You can go nowhere spectating others, but those that know their God will be strong and do mighty exploits. So in this hour, while we all need comfort in regards to what is taking place in the world, it is also the case that the Body of Christ really needs to learn forgiveness so that the eyes of His beloved can be lifted up to look towards Him and away from whatever has offended.

Let us step out in reconciliation. It is truly an honour to be a bridge to the light, the light of Christ to come.

Forgiveness is the path to true liberty and although others may carry on fighting with you even after you have forgiven them, it’s really themselves that they are fighting. It has nothing to do with you anymore because you are completely free. Choose the authentic life, the one filled with generosity and joy, and the one where your hopes and expectations are set only on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. Isaiah 33:22 tells us that He is our Judge, our Lawgiver, our King. Look to Him for mercy and justice.

I pray that moving in the power of forgiveness will be your new normal, and that you will live a life of true freedom in which you access the presence of God fully.


Rev Betty King


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