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Prepare The Way For The Bride

Dear Saints,

On October 10, 2021, around the evening, I had a very vivid and reassuring dream about what the next season will look like for the bride of Christ.

It was a setting of the bride getting ready to get married. Her resplendent and beautiful wedding dress was being kept in this ornately upholstered antique wardrobe. As the minutes and hours wore on, I saw her go from room to room in the process of preparation. It was a busy scene heaving with people. Busyness and a crowd doesn't necessarily equate effectiveness, as we need to be careful who we take into our inner place. If not, we can be compromised from our goal and mandate. She encountered a few obstacles before she could put on her wedding dress.

The scene changed to her needing to go through a path to meet the groom. I couldn't see him but there was the sense that he was around. There was an incredible ray of light around that shone and radiated all around, which meant he was indeed close and not far away. As she stepped out of the house to continue on the journey to meet the groom, three women suddenly appeared. They had similar white dresses on, although they were more cream than the real white dress the bride had on.

From afar, it looked like these ladies were holding dogs. But when you got closer, you saw they were actually holding wolves. It was clear to me they were sent to hinder the bride from finding her way to the groom for covenant. Although there was opposition, there were also people around the bride who were warring because they could see the wolves and knew what it meant.

As they warred for the bride, the wolves would be taken out. In the wolves being taken out, the bride's dress