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Dear Saints,

Blessings and more.

Yesterday, the United Kingdom saw the coronation of a great king, King Charles III. Throughout the coronation, there were many signs to take note of with prophetic relevance and direction for the Church today.

Jesus Lifted High

In the natural a king was crowned, but without a doubt that it was Jesus’ name that was elevated above all. With millions all over the world watching, the incoming king declared by royal protocol that he had not come to be served, but rather to serve. And ultimately it is our Lord Jesus Christ that he must serve. This is what it means for Jesus to be the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords (Revelation 19:16)! A human being can come into their destiny and be appointed to a level of leadership and greatness, but in the final reckoning, there is one Name that is above every other name and that is the name of Jesus (Philippians 2:9).

This was broadcast all over the earth, and people of all nations were witnesses to it. However, there within Westminster Abbey itself, certain biblical truths of Jesus’ kingship were illustrated even more immediately. Many dignitaries from the nations of the earth had gathered in that place of worship, and under the sound of the voice of the priest that presided there, they were told when to stand, when to be seated, when and how to speak, and had their various parts to play in acknowledging and affirming Jesus’ centrality to the rulership of the United Kingdom. This was a modern foretaste of the biblical reality “that at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow… and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord…” (Philippians 2:10-11).

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who is a Hindu man, even stood and declared the true word of God from the Book of Ephesians, affirming with his own mouth that all the principalities and powers of the earth are subject to the Lord Jesus. And so, although it was King Charles III who physically sat to be crowned, Jesus’ superior kingship was showcased, and His sovereignty affirmed before nations.

It was this way in the past, when Jesus’ Lordship was declared before the nations gathered in Jerusalem at Pentecost in Acts 2, and it will be this way again in the future when “a great multitude which no one could number, of all nations, tribes, peoples and tongues” stands before the throne of God to acknowledge Jesus (Revelation 7:9-10). The destiny of the nations is to acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Saviour, and the coronation of King Charles III was a reminder and illustration of this for all to see.

Kings And Priests

“To Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood, and has made us kings and priests to His God and Father, to Him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.” (Revelation 1:5-6)

The Bible shows us clearly that from thousands of years ago, God has brought kings and priests together for rulership. The first kings of Israel, Saul and then David, each needed the priest Samuel to ascend to their thrones and sustain their kingships. As a king, David at times also wore the ephod, illustrating the unity of the kingly and priestly anointings for godly rulership. Jesus Himself is both King of Kings and the great High Priest of our confession (Hebrews 4:14). Revelation 1 tells us that Jesus has made us kings and priests for His Kingdom (v6).

At the coronation, it was Charles III that became king, but it was the priesthood that officiated the ascension and placed the crown on his head. In becoming king, he publicly acknowledged the Lord and in doing so established the importance of the Church and the priesthood to his rulership. The biblical pattern of partnership between the kingly and priestly offices is still for today.

Therefore, with the monarchy reset and a new King and Queen in place, so the Church too has the opportunity to reset and take its rightful place of rulership in the new season, coming alongside the kingly ruler to govern. The coronation signalled to all the world the Church’s mandate for this rulership and the Church must step into and live up to its calling. Isaiah said of Jesus that ‘the government will be upon His shoulder’ (Isaiah 9:6), and we are His Body and representation on earth.

Our righteousness needs to be strong enough to lift and exalt the nations. We must clean up the messes and halt the decay taking place around us, establishing the sovereignty of Christ alongside the sovereignty of the nations, so that there is godly rule. As we do this in the United Kingdom, a move of God will arise from here to go all over the world. And this word is not just for the United Kingdom, but for all the nations. As believers lift the nations through righteousness, men and women will arise like firebrands and bring transformation across continents. If this is you, let your light shine!

Settling In The Land

“Trust in the LORD and do what is right! Settle in the land and maintain your integrity!” (Psalm 37:3)

As I watched the coronation, the Lord pointed me to Psalm 37:3 and I heard Him say to me ‘settle’. The Scripture in this verse speaks of settling or dwelling in the land and this represents a commitment to the place in which God has put you. By committing to God’s purposes within the nations in which we have each been positioned, and settling properly, we will be able to fulfil the mandate to exalt the nations through righteousness.

There are several key aspects to settling. One is to be consistent and committed in being before God and remaining in His presence. There are certain aspects of growth and breakthrough that only come when you are settled in this way. When you are settled you can take stock and see what you need, and build. When you are rid of your tendencies to be inconsistent and to constantly change your mind, opportunities come because God knows you can see them through.

This involves being clear about who you are depending on. If you are committed to God, don’t lean on him for only part of your process, but stay with him to the completion. There are many people that have started out with God, but have then moved on without Him because they feel pressured by their circumstances and emotions, or by their own impatience. The Spirit of God doesn’t settle when we are rushing to cut corners or force an issue. He sees ahead, and so causes us to wait with Him until we have all we need. If you move too early, you’ll get the timing wrong or find yourself without a key ingredient that you need for your breakthrough and end up having to start again.

Therefore, submit to Him. Quiet your heart in His presence and don’t move until you feel Him settle on your plans. Be patient and keep your integrity, whether things seem to be happening quickly or slowly. Know your identity and move only when you have the final ingredient. Don’t fret and don’t be provoked, as this will lead to error. Stay focused and know for certain that favour will find you when you are ready.

Another aspect to settling is making sure that you resolve your unaddressed issues. When the Lord prompts you, forgive. When he shows you where you’ve got it wrong, repent. If you’ve kept up an ungodly habit or way or thinking, let it go, as the Scripture says “let the wicked man forsake his own way and the unrighteous man his own thoughts (Isaiah 55:7). Don’t hold onto grievances or grudges. Don’t hold onto attitudes and mindsets that you know you need to move on from. It must be about His rule and not ours.

If you’ve let issues carry on around you and allowed yourself to be dominated by half-truths and untruths, now is the time to confront with the truth so you are not bound by the past. There are some people who don’t want you to move forward because they have no intention of moving forward. There are some who don’t want you to settle because they’re used to having you as a companion in their mess. They are some who think you have obligations towards them because of something that went down in a past season. If there is any fighting or contestation over your future and your blessing, walk away. This is necessary to free both yourself and them. Resolve matters quickly and don’t miss the season.

When you are settled, the dove of the Holy Spirit will land. Many are on the verge of experiencing the supernatural. It doesn’t matter how long you have been in the Church or how long you’ve waited to see breakthrough, when you’ve taken care of matters He will move. It’s the season to settle.

Fighting For Your Inheritance

“For God will save Zion and build the cities of Judah, that they may dwell there and possess it.” (Psalm 69:35)

Things have not been easy for the royal family in recent years, and it is clear in many ways how Satan has sought to target the family. Yet King Charles III, despite the various losses, grief and turmoil he has faced, was crowned according to his destiny. In parallel, although we are kings and priests it can seem as though there is a gathering of the five Lords of the Philistines against us, testing us to see if we will persevere to come into our destiny (Joshua 3:1-4). The right response is for us to wage the good warfare of God (1 Timothy 1:18) and we will see that we begin to come into our inheritance and rule in the midst of our enemies (Psalm 110:2).

Psalm 69:35 outlines God’s promise to save Zion and build the cities of Judah so that they may dwell there and possess it. This means that God will help you to resolve the matters of your warfare and settle, so that you can build and see His kingdom flourish. He has paid a great price for this, and whatever needs to be done as you move forward, bring it in the under the blood of Jesus and do your best to do good and to settle matters.

Be focused on His assignments and His agenda in all you do. There is a great reset taking place, and we are about to see a new movement birthed that will preserve the legacy of those that have gone ahead.

Maranatha, King Jesus!!


Rev Betty King


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