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Dear Saints

Blessings and greetings to you and more. I want to share a Word of the Lord with you, to help you stand in the strength of the anointing that you have been given in this crucial season.

Today's word is drawn from the text in 1 Kings 19, after Elijah had prevailed in the battle against Jezebel and her priests. In anger, Jezebel sent murderous threats to Elijah via a messenger (1 Kings 19:2), and the Bible tells us that when Elijah heard these he got up and fled for his life. It is remarkable that even though the most powerful anointing that he had ever carried had only just come upon him, that these words so took hold of him as to cause him to run. The events that followed showed clearly how much anointing and impartation he had within him, as he was soon called by God to anoint two kings and a prophet, these being Hazael, Jehu and Elisha (1 Kings 19:16). Furthermore, it was not a single but a double portion of the prophetic anointing that he had within him to impart to Elisha.

The enemy wants to capture the focus of the Lord’s anointed.

I recently felt drawn to go away with the Lord, and in my time with Him He showed me how the enemy is acting tactically to limit the impact of God’s anointing on His people by causing them to have the wrong focus. By shifting Elijah’s attention away from God and to her threats, Jezebel succeeded in taking Elijah’s anointing away from the frontline. Elijah’s insecurities were triggered, and he moved into a spirit of self-preservation rather than continuing in the power of the anointing that was breaking the national stronghold and bringing about transformation.

The same thing is happening today. Although they may not literally be hiding in caves as Elijah was, the voice of the enemy has caused many powerful people to move into a spirit of self-preservation and to withdraw themselves and their anointing's from the frontline. This spirit is manifesting itself in the form of insecure and accusing thoughts, inner personal vows, and subtle intimidations. Because of this onslaught of the voice and accusations of the enemy, these powerful ones ( what I mean by powerful is that these one defined.) have chosen to abandon what was only recently the place of complete victory, instead of crushing the enemy’s stronghold once and for all. Rather than releasing the supernatural, they settle for more comfortable words and exchanges that sustains, but which cannot move it forward. If this gets hold of you, you risk becoming a good person but not a good Christian, because you will avoid the confrontations that need to take place to pull down the enemy’s strongholds and free the Church from limitations.

Breaking the power of Jezebel’s performances.

As I was praying into all this, I saw a picture of a woman who had managed to find herself a platform and was on a stage, acting out whatever she wished. She only had a limited audience initially, but somehow some very powerful people stumbled into her performances and were captivated by the scene she was making. Although there was nothing healthy or helpful in what she was doing, she somehow held their attention, and they became wrapped up in what was taking place there instead of advancing to where they were meant to be going.

Through this the Holy Spirit inspired me to rise and contend for these powerful people that had been captivated. I saw that they were ones that carry impartations for the next generation of kings and prophets in the Body of Christ, and who have a double portion anointing that needs to be released. I also saw that God has been preparing those who will receive and carry this portion, and the two must connect for the divine exchange to take place. The ones who will receive the anointing are fierce and loyal and are pursuing God for a double portion at all costs. God will not disappoint their preparation. The woman’s captivation must be broken so that the anointing's can be set free.

Transformation for all generations.

The anointing that is building is transgenerational and very powerful. First, the anointing carries the prophet, and the prophet carries the next generation. Then an impartation is released to establish the next generation. As the necessary exchanges take place we will see a true move of God, bringing national and individual transformation in its wake.

As I continued praying, I saw platforms being dismantled in strategic places where individuals had taken to a stage and were acting out their fantasies and fabrications for captivated audiences, and I heard the Lord declare ‘the end!’ All these scenes are coming to an end, and all the performances will give way to reality. It is a season once again for the supernatural power of God and the double portion. It won’t be just about pleasant words that bring comfort, but the true prophetic will arise and restore what the people have lost, whether due to selfish agendas, jealousy, envy or deceit. The inheritance will be restored so that it can be passed on!

The Shift!

Adoni-Bezek boasted of cutting off the thumbs and toes of kings before he was dealt with by God (Judges 1). Like Adoni-Bezek, the enemy has tried to cripple the strength of leaders. But the hands and feet of God’s chosen will no longer be cut!

Be encouraged saints, as the necessary shift has taken place. The words that Jezebel has sent to put God’s people in caves will not work. God will not allow the anointing to be silenced or limited. If you sense any limitation, shake it off now as it’s time to make disciples of nations!

Stand your ground. Take your place. Find the necessary alignments and declare what is to come. The anointing is here and it’s gaining momentum! No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn! (Isaiah 54:17)


Reverend Betty King


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