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The Issue of Dominion - A reset for Restoration

A Prayer and Declaration for Commonwealth Day – March 8th, 2021

A note from the author:

In December 2020, God spoke to me about an ancient key He was releasing – as I have prayed and waited on God, I believe this is to do with the re-setting of what has been a corrupted version of the ‘dominion’ mandate back to the Biblical gift which it was intended to be. This is not about Dominionism, or domination of one upon the other, but the release of a gift which stewards out of God’s heart, for the well-being of those concerned.

For the United Kingdom, this is also a time when following Brexit, there is an opportunity for us as a nation to reconsider our role in the world and our history, as we seek God for our future. Some of what is written below will not be new to many, but I have included it with what I believe is fresh revelation, so that when we come to make the declaration at the end – there is a corporate understanding. – Suzanne Ferrett (Passion for the Nation)

Dominion -Introduction