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The Issue of Dominion - A reset for Restoration

A Prayer and Declaration for Commonwealth Day – March 8th, 2021

A note from the author:

In December 2020, God spoke to me about an ancient key He was releasing – as I have prayed and waited on God, I believe this is to do with the re-setting of what has been a corrupted version of the ‘dominion’ mandate back to the Biblical gift which it was intended to be. This is not about Dominionism, or domination of one upon the other, but the release of a gift which stewards out of God’s heart, for the well-being of those concerned.

For the United Kingdom, this is also a time when following Brexit, there is an opportunity for us as a nation to reconsider our role in the world and our history, as we seek God for our future. Some of what is written below will not be new to many, but I have included it with what I believe is fresh revelation, so that when we come to make the declaration at the end – there is a corporate understanding. – Suzanne Ferrett (Passion for the Nation)

Dominion -Introduction

This is a new era, the sound resounding over this era, is the sound of the era of the Kingdom, prophesied in Daniel 4:3 - ‘How great are His signs, and how mighty His wonders! His Kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and His dominion is from generation to generation’ and again in Daniel 7:14 ‘then to Him was given dominion and glory and a kingdom, that all peoples, nations, and languages should serve Him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which will not pass away’.

The focus of the Holy Spirit is increasingly upon this Kingdom, that not only will a great Revival be released, but also a restoration of the truths of His word, and the righteousness, justice, and peace of this Kingdom of God - on earth as it is in Heaven.

Dominion – a Kingdom Mandate

Dominion was the mandate which shaped the mindsets of the West for generations, (Tom Holland) and lay behind so much of the Christendom expansion from the 16th century onwards; yet it did much damage, not only affecting the lives of millions of individuals but also of nations. Where did it begin?

In Genesis 1:28 we have a familiar scripture – ‘then God blessed them, and God said to them, ‘be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth’

The Kingdom of God and His dominion are inseparable, some even refer to the Kingdom as the ‘King’s domain.’ They are different ways of saying the same thing.

In our time, because this Kingdom is beginning to advance, the Spirit of God is freshly highlighting the mandate to take Dominion, given originally to Adam and Eve, and then released to the church by Jesus with His call ‘to go into all the world and make disciples…’ We stand on the edge of a new movement of and through God’s people to ‘take territory’ again, whether literally physical areas where darkness rules, or aspects of the spheres of influence that so affect our societies, bringing Revival and releasing the love, justice, righteousness and mercy of the King to our world.

If God gave mankind dominion, what does dominion look like?

The dictionary describes dominion as: the right of governing; sovereign authority; rule; control over a territory or sphere of influence; the territory of a sovereign or government. (

Expansion, Fruitfulness and Multiplication are part of the same mandate – and as you follow through the scriptures you see this thread emerge from Genesis 1 to Revelation. This dominion mindset, which comes through scripture, is a territory taking mandate and has shaped the western world and it has shaped the Western Empires, yet we are aware it was both misused and misappropriated, bringing slavery, robbery of resources or even of a nation’s unique identity.

What went wrong? This dominion mandate was given to mankind, and it is in the DNA of mankind - so the desire to govern, rule and expand territory lies in the heart of all men, but it became corrupted and twisted through the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden. What should have been man extending the righteous order of God from the garden through relationship with Him, carrying His heart and values - Godly dominion - actually became the excuse for a man or a nation to take control, dominate or abuse others.

Mankind will dominate as a corrupted outworking of exercising dominion. It is worth noting here, that the Hebrew word ‘radah’ translated ‘dominion’ does also imply to rule ‘by going down and walking amongst the subjects as an equal’.[1] Something very different to what has often been modelled.

New Covenant

When we come into the New Testament, Jesus releases a different way to exercise Dominion. Revelation 1 informs us, ‘we overcome by the blood of the lamb, the word of our testimony and not loving our lives unto death’. To take dominion we must overcome something. Jesus showed how to do this through His example. He served, He sacrificed himself and He SURRENDERED to death on the cross. Jesus showed no sign of weakness, He stood before authorities, unpressured by the situation around Him, knowing He could call forth a legion of angels if He wanted to, yet He walked in complete submission to the will of His Heavenly Father. He bought us salvation, but He also gave us a new model.

True Dominion is found through surrender to God.

Jesus came as a lamb, foreseen by the OT prophets, and foreshadowed by the sacrifices of the Old Testament with extra-ordinary detail. Jesus came to restore all things to how they were before the fall – that includes the Dominion mandate.

Many of the Old Testament words for lamb, simply mean a young sheep, but in the scriptures referring to the sacrifices, which in turn point to the sacrifice of Jesus as THE Lamb, a different word is used. (the first reference is in Exodus 29:39)

• This word for Lamb is ‘Kebes’ - Strong's Number 3532, from an unused root, to dominate. It is used for a ram which is just old enough to butt.

• That word dominate from dictionary definitions, is to control govern or rule by superior authority, (the dominion mandate), BUT often carries a negative connotation. It is to have a lot of control over a place or person – especially in an unpleasant way; to prevail over; to over-rule; detract from; overshadow; overbear; domineer, rule the roost; tower over.

• Yet, Jesus came and ‘tabernacled amongst them’, what a picture of that original meaning. Kingdom dominion is not about ownership but about a heart to steward which flows out of a generous spirit.

God’s plan

God is releasing a key to individuals, the church and the United Kingdom, so that for this Era of the King and His Kingdom, we will not only see a movement of God which will release life, wholeness and peace to individuals, but also has the capacity to restore the God given Identity to the nation.

God saw the damage which would be done through people moving in that fallen DNA, so hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus, He went ahead and He provided specifically for the cleansing of that mandate through the blood of Jesus, foreshadowed in the sacrifices. He took that Dominion mandate and encapsulated and surrounded it in something different. For nations like the United Kingdom, which carry an apostolic call, this is a moment of re-set to His enabling and preparing of His people to step up into that God given righteous mandate exercising Dominion, moving with His authority in the spiritual realm, influencing the earth – yet releasing the healing and power of this Kingdom, through the power of surrender, not to man or the enemy, but to God - that this movement will flow with the glory, healing and power of the King. It provides for a healing of the past, and an opportunity for the future.

Please see below.

Pastor Suzanne Ferrett

February 2021

The Response – The United Kingdom – Re-set for Restoration and Release.

This Re-set is that hearts, perspectives and understanding are changed, aligning with Kingdom values, and the mistakes of the last era not repeated. “And He said to them “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” Mark 16:15 Repentance:

Lord in this day when You are realigning nations, we praise You for the calling You have put upon the United Kingdom to preach the gospel, and to bring in the Kingdom, and we thank you for the Apostolic, Fathering and Mothering anointing You have put upon the land.

* We confess where Christianity in the West, was linked and shaped by the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire, grafted into and re-enforced by an Empire spirit. We confess where it was connected to that Empire spirit using military power, political power, religious power and economic power– operating from a corrupted understanding of the dominion mandate.

* We confess anyplace where we Your people, Your Church, have exercised a wrong authority, quenching or controlling the people we were meant to release, damaging others and hindering Your work.

* We confess where as individuals, we have wrongly used the authority You have given, we have desired to control or to dominate, even within families or within marriages.

* We stand and we confess and repent where, as a nation, we established the British Empire, which became the Commonwealth, taking dominion not from the mandate cleansed by the blood of Jesus, but out of the dominion mandate twisted and distorted by the fall of man in the Garden. We stand before Your throne and we ask for mercy, and we ask for Healing for ourselves and for the nations which we have affected.


Now Lord, we decree and declare, a re-set.

* That even as the dominion mandate given in the garden was cleansed by the work of Jesus on the cross, so from this point on, in the United Kingdom, the past actions of this nation will be cleansed and forgiven through the Blood of Jesus, shame broken, and the nation free to step into its God given identity for the days ahead.

* That individuals will be unashamed of the Gospel, and unashamed of the uniqueness of call upon this land – yet honouring, respecting and empowering the gifts and call of God upon other lands.

We declare this Commonwealth Anniversary marks the end of the old and the beginning of the new – and in the Name of Jesus, we decree in the days ahead, this nation will release the wisdom, purpose and heart of the Kingdom of God.

God is bringing a re-set, that the God given Identity and Call upon this land will be recovered and restored, including the call to protect the freedom of the gospel; the freedom of the church; and the call to establish righteousness, justice, mercy and Godly governance. We decree even as nations were birthed from these shores, and knowledge and wisdom transferred across continents, the apostolic, fathering and mothering anointing will again arise upon this land, and we decree a turning, that in this season God’s heart will be our heart and His ways our ways.

Pastor Suzanne Ferrett.

Passion for the Nation




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