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The Stampede of Horses

Dear Saints,

As we know, our God is above, and He does what He wills for His eternal purposes. As we look and seek intently, we gradually start to hear, see, and understand what He wants to echo to all, from His church to beyond.

It is with this intent that I believe the Lord wanted to highlight to us through the furore of the recent goings on the streets of London, as a bloodied white horse and a black horse bolted from where they seemingly should have been. What are the lessons for us? His church and therefore how should we walk it out?

Image Credit: The Independent

There were in fact 5 horses from the Household Calvary, based at London’s Hyde Park, who run loose, but with 4 being the main culprit, during a routine extended exercise, where they were being put through various procedures to ensure they became acquainted and familiar with sights and sounds for upcoming duties. They were spooked by noises from a building site nearby and dramatically broke loose. This being the background to what occurred is simply filled with so many truths for Jesus’ majestic church.

The Waters of Life

The need for discernment is high for His church. Part of the exercise was for the horses to drink as part of the water run. It’s as if, we as His majestic steeds, are being firstly filled with rivers of life, refreshed and ensuring that we have and are equipped with all the skills, insights and tools for the coming days. If, like these horses, we His church, drink deep from the wells of truth, it’ll preserve life and ensure we don’t become drained, ‘short sighted and blind’ (2 Peter 1:9) for the journey ahead.

The Sounds

There will be unusual sounds and noises from near and far, but this is where we’re need to discern and identify them so they don’t cut short and cause us to shipwreck and so run aground.

In biblical visitations of God and angels, there’s generally always a sense of awe, fear, and the unexpected when faced with it. Yet, as His church, we’re being taught to understand this is the supernatural life and not readily reject these seeming hard truths and miss the direction of God.

Sometimes, what is in the scroll will taste bitter in our mouths before its tastes like honey in our bellies. What we do not understand is not always to be rejected and refused but rather be understood with the mind of Christ.

In the midst of this, there is still an emergence of ones who have, with careful training and consecration, understood strange sounds and allowed themselves to wait on the weight, as to be ‘perfect and complete lacking nothing’ (James 1:34) so to be the conduits of God’s word for the now. These are ones who have not been distracted from drinking the waters of life because life has to happen. They have not panicked nor got spooked but pressed onto the high calling of God.

Vida, Trojan, and Quaker

As I indicated above, there are so many layers of truth that God, I feel, is showing from aspects of the horses bolting.

Another element are the personalities and thus names of the horses themselves. The images that were seared into the public consciousness were of the black and white horses, with one named Vida and the other Trojan galloping uncontrollably. The white one was bloodied and still ran for deal life frantically through central London, before all 4 were captured and treated.

As I prayed about this, I felt the Lord told me the details were in their names. The white horse is called Vida, and the black horse is called Trojan. Vida means 'life' and Trojan standing for 'the deception and hidden of true intentions' that the people of Troy exemplified.

The many trojans the enemy uses are easily exposed as it hides and pretends to be part of God’s movement but clearly not. God has promised the exposure of these, but we need to keep drinking constantly from the well truth. These are being exposed as we ramp up prayers and prayer walks around the nation. The faithful being found, as they pioneer prophetically needed initiatives around the country, per the pioneering and forerunning grace that is upon the nation as a whole.


The five horses were a picture of ones that carry the sovereignty of the nation and the nations, from a place of rulership. This is akin to the governmental authority that is falling on the church. The Lord highlighted this, as when we as His majestic steeds, drink from the well of life, we embody life and are able to reflect and reveal that to the nation, rather than life being taken away before it’s time.

The Time Is Now

The galloping in the streets of London and Big Ben stopping at exactly 9am cannot be overlooked. It’s a cry of life and for life in the cobbled streets of our capital, even as the white horse by the name of Vida (life) brought all of London to a standstill.

We know 9 represents new beginnings and new birth. So it was as though God, through Big Ben stopping at 9am, was stopping everything the enemy was doing for the birthing of the new, the birthing of the move of God as we continue to drink from the wells of revival.

The Bloodied Life

The picture of Vida with blood over it will forever be an image that shall exemplify what this day was all about. This represented the pain and struggle, some with blood, that a lot have had to endure to maintain their purity to still live.

Image Credit: NY Post

Their Paul like ‘to this end I also labour, striving according to His power which works mightily within me’ (Col. 1:29) will now be bringing life that is life to many in many places.

We need only to keep drinking from the wells of revival that’s filled with righteousness. As the Lord strengthens us in the coming days, no matter what is happening and with shakings all around us, the release of righteousness is that which will exalt our nation. The word of the Lord will stand!

Quaking At His Word

One of the horses that was not shown went by the name of Quaker. It’s as if the Lord was showing us there are ones who quake, shake, and tremble at His word (Isaiah 66:2).

They may not be seen for a time, but they’re there. An emerging generation of people who fear and hold in high esteem the Lord and His word. As in this case, the need was for the other two horses to be highlighted, yet they’re still there cultivating and honouring God.



Reverend Betty King


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