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The word of the Lord 11th October 2023

Dear Saints

In this season where it seems to many like the lights have gone out around them, it is from within that the light will shine through. This light coming from the inside can overcome everything, bring clarity and face what has taken place. From within themselves, from within their core, these ones will be able to rebuild. They will be able to isolate the grief, the sadness, and the sense of injustice that has come from unprovoked attack.

As I was pondering and praying into all of this, I felt the Lord saying to pray and remove the snares. I read a lot of people’s posts and sometimes I’m shocked to see how much time people have on their hands to misrepresent what God is doing. You see people attacking mega churches and making statements like ‘the true strength of a church is the amount of people they send out’.

The truth is that it is not for anyone to take lightly those who have pushed through and broken limitations, and have been able through anointing, pain, grace and suffering to birth something and have that amount of people go to their church and to their meetings. It’s not for anyone to say such things and then make excuses for their own failures and say they are building foundations. How long will you be building the foundation? I’m a builder and so I know that you don’t build foundations forever.

For people to say such things about big churches must mean that they don’t realise the amount of anointing and wisdom it takes to manage something like that, and what it takes to set in place the level of leadership it needs and to ensure that leadership continues to carry the mandate that enables that sort of growth.

If you’ve not grown and have been at a particular level for a long time, then you need to go to God. Maybe it’s because you’ve been self-preserving and unable to go past your pain threshold, as nothing grows without pain. In not being able to go past your threshold, you then make up narratives to make yourself feel good about your inability to grow. Growth means pruning. Many of you want the growth but are not willing to go through what it takes for that growth to come and so are stuck in your old ways. On the other hand, God can keep you small because that’s how He wants you to be. Whatever the case, the truth is important, and we should stop bashing down what other people are doing. Instead, the focus should be on how we can grow and how we are meant to be aligned, as some day we must give account to God.

If you carry on, then someday you’ll wake up to realise that, with all your opinions, you are not being provided for and that there’s no real growth. You’ll realise that although you thought you had it all together, you were so distracted and snared that you were not able to really bear fruit.

In this time and season when the world is being shaken, there are many people from within whom the light is coming, and for whom the waters have receded. They are now seeing the mountaintop and finding a way to rebuild and put things in order. If we want to build a lasting legacy for a coming generation to do double what we have done, then we should start with the truth and with the facts. We should applaud when people are doing what we cannot do, and have enough humility to ask how was it done. We should offer support instead of participating in the blatant envy, being used to stoke a community of hatred and jealousy, and bringing false, pathetic prophetic words to make you feel better about yourself. Saying such things is not going to impact the success of another person. It's time for the church to mature and grow deeply. Selah.


Rev Betty King


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