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Dear Saints,

I really want to share with you a picture the Lord showed to me in my time of prayer. In this picture, 12 children were together in the middle of a field, and they were ploughing the soil. Suddenly they were surrounded by a circle of fierce-looking dogs, growling and barking ferociously at them.

As the barking went on, the children looked back at the dogs as if they were trying to work out what this was all about. However, they did not seem as surprised or alarmed as you would think. As I looked into the scene more deeply, I realised that this kind of barking and intimidation had been going on for so long in the lives of these children that they had learned to live with it, and to continue with what they were doing despite it. Nonetheless, there seemed to be a greater intensity to it this time and the children were trying to figure out why.

Suddenly the dogs started running and dropping to the floor, first one and then another, and another, and another. It was as though the dogs could hear a sound that the people couldn’t hear, and they were scared beyond their limits. The Lord then gave me the Scripture in Amos 3:8:

”The lion has roared— who will not fear? The Sovereign Lord has spoken— who can but prophesy?”

Although the people could not hear it yet, the dogs had heard the sound of the lion roaring against them. The Lord then said to me ‘it has turned!’

We have come into the Exodus 14:14 season where the Lord is fighting for His people, to break the power of circumstances, strongholds and intimidations that have been in the backgrounds of the lives of so many people for so long, and to bring about a complete turnaround. Now is the time of great deliverance. You no longer have to live with what was sent against you. Prophesy your breakthough! The lion is roaring!!


Rev Betty King


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