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Word of the Lord for 2022

Dear Saints

This is the Word of the Lord for 2022.

Hearing and seeing Him accurately in this season will make sure that there are no unnecessary casualties of spiritual warfare this year, and that the Church is powerfully positioned to shift the nations. My prayer for you as you read this is that the Lord will open your eyes and ears to what is ahead, so that you will lead and influence well, and make the right decisions with conviction.

The reign of King Josiah

The books of Chronicles and of Kings contain valuable lessons and instructions that apply to decision-making and leadership in every season. In certain seasons, however, there are particular aspects and accounts within them which are key to leading and navigating well in that season. I believe that the account of King Josiah’s reign in 2 Chronicles 34 and 35 is key for this season.

Josiah was a godly king who walked in the ways of King David (2 Chronicles 34:2). He purged the nation of idolatry, rebuilt the house of the Lord and renewed Israel’s covenant with God. He restored the structures of faith and worship, and led the nation to observe the Passover in a manner that had not been seen since the days of the prophet Samuel (2 Chronicles 35:18). From his own possessions he provided thirty thousand sheep and goats and three thousand cattle for the people to celebrate the Passover, inspiring the leaders and of