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Come Away With Me

Dear Saints,

I just love reading the bible and getting the revelations that comes out of it.

In Mark 4: 35 – 41 Jesus told the disciples to come away with Him and go out on the boat. When they were on the water away from the safety of dry land, a storm hit them. When I read this the Lord revealed the following to my spirit.

Sometimes God will tell you to come out of the crowd; to come away and seek Him. The time you set your mind and your heart to separate yourself, to go to Him all hell can break loose.

You see when you are in a crowd; it is noisy, so you cannot really hear what you need to put right or fix, to enable you to silence the issues that are there. God in His mercy calls you out and gets you in a confined space (a small boat) and sometimes it seems as if He goes to sleep.

They launched out in the boat, and as they sailed he fell asleep (it feels as if He has left you) and then the storm began to rage. While the storm is going on the boat began to take in water. These are professional fishermen and some of the other disciples; the tax collector, the theologian and the doctor would have had something to say in the situation. They would have started to bail the water out of the boat, try to pull the sails, using their skills as best as they thought they could. When storms are going on you might have skilful people who will give you advice, but that will not help you, only He can calm the storm.

Whilst the storm was raging and the disciples were trying to battle it, they moved from a pitiful prayer to a violent one, the bible says, they said, “Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?” Jesus got up, and first rebuked the storm, but they did not get sympathy either, they were rebuked, “Why are you afraid? Have you still no faith?” in essence Jesus was saying, “though I might be asleep and it appears that I am not hearing your prayer, my body is there.”

I was so blessed with this revelation; you see His body was in the boat. One of the things Jesus Christ left was the church, which functions as the body of Christ. For the miraculous to take place, we need His Spirit. With all the skills that was on the boat, the professional fishermen could not stop the boat from sinking. They cried out together, that was when Jesus dealt with the problem.

I pray that anyone needing help, irrespective of their background will find themselves, in the right environment to see revival and the move of God. Because of the desperation of the hour, they will cry out with one accord for there to be an awakening that will emerge in every situation. The awakening will still the storm for people to believe.


Reverend Betty King


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