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Entering His Glory

Dear Saints,

What a glorious Father we have, when you are willing to give it all away, He gives it all back to you and much more. It’s just simply sometimes a test of your obedience to see how much you will give to Him. Our God is faithful.

Lately, I have had a prayer to dear Abba Father, it is simply that God should pour out His glory on His people, the glory that will cause many to know the beauty and the joy of praying. My prayer comes from this understanding: that the glory of heaven is pent up in heaven, like the floodwaters behind a dam. God has openly declared that He will flood the whole world with the knowledge of His glory. And many a time as Christians we think we have the formula or strategy for it. We try to maintain something so unbelievable through rules that many cannot keep, except waiting in obedience to Abba Father.

We need to be conscious of the fact that He knows every thought and act that we do. From that understanding you humble yourself to pray because you know He knows everything. Appreciate Him in worship, because you know He is merciful. From that lifestyle: place of appreciation and gratefulness we stumble on the open door of His glory, where you find the ancient keys, because you have encountered Him; the joy in suffering, in obedience and the joy to live.

You live because He lives and today I just want to encourage someone reading this, to completely abandon yourself to God through obedience and allow God’s glory to fall on you through prayer.

Because you stay and you pray on what He tells you, you become the key that opens the glory realm in your environments. So much so that God allows you to be interrupted in your prayer time because someone was drawn to where you were praying not because of you, but because he heard a voice calling him.

They came because the star of God’s glory is shining, perchance someone knocks on your door and you open, when you ask what he/she wants, they will simply say “I don’t know what I am doing here.” You can reply by saying “I do, enter into His glory.”

In Him,

Reverend Betty King


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