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From Transition to Completion

Dear Saints,

Every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord!

I have been having such an amazing time with the Lord concerning this word. The more I relate with God, the Precious One, the more He unravels it to me. He began to show me that “good” speaks of transition and “perfect” speaks of completion. God uses the good to bring about the perfection.

For example:

Good is when you are in a courtship waiting to get married; you are expectant.Perfect is the completion of that process which is the marriage.

Good is when you have a good landlord that doesn’t give you any trouble.Perfect is when you own your own home.

Good is when you have enough but perfect is when you have more than enough.

Today, I declare in the name of Jesus Christ, the perfect and true God, the One who speaks and no one can reverse; the One that chose us and loves us so passionately.I declare in the name of Jesus that in the next half of this year, everything in your lives will be perfected in Jesus name. The perfect God will perfect everything concerning you.

Set your course and advance for perfection in Jesus’ mighty name!!

In His Love,

Reverend Betty King


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