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Our Father

In Luke 11:1 – 2 when the disciples said to the Lord to teach them how to pray, the Lord said, “When you pray say this, Our Father who art in Heaven.”

Which means Our Father who is in heaven, a different place not on earth; the Father who needs to be viewed different from past experiences, the Father who has from heaven the ability to make all things new. The Father in heaven who can recreate the Father who can restore; the Father who has chosen and adopted you into His kingdom; the Father who speaks and no one can reverse.

The Father who gives the grace to endure, the Father who grants wisdom and insight and the Father whose words never fail. When you have understanding as to the Father in heaven “Hallowed be His name” worship and adore Him, because He is confident that His Kingdom shall come.

Worship because He knows he will never speak and anyone can reverse that, worship Him because His will, will be done here as it is in heaven, and what He feeds you, will satisfy you. What the Father feeds you with, will sustain you for every journey, every task and every trial.

Our Father who art in heaven, what an incredible Daddy. Have a blessed week ahead as we flourish in the Father’s love.

Gripped By His Love,

Reverend Betty King


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