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Staying Out of UnnecessaryPolitics

Dear Burning Hearts,

I felt to bless someone reading this with a key that has helped me a great deal after several painful experiences. When wise men with revelation about a Saviour, choose to play politics, it exposes the mandate to a monitoring spirit and sometimes murder.

Let me explain: The bible tells us about the birth of Jesus Christ; when the three wise men saw the star and knew to bring the gifts to our Lord Jesus Although the revelation of the born King of kings was given to them in intimacy, they chose to play the political game by going to an insecure king to ask for directions to a supernatural King. In doing so, Herod tried to control the situation by putting feelers out to monitor what was going on leading to the killing of innocent babies.

Saints, Psalm 112 :5 -10 talks about a righteous person guarding their affairs with discretion. Do not allow yourself to be monitored by opening a door to your life to the wrong people , this open door can be used to stir up and emotion in you which may lead to you giving into confiding your mandate too soon . Do not let the emotional issues, God is trying to use to teach you to be strong cause you to overexpose your vision . When it feels like you are out of your depth, do not look for a political clutch. Rather, immerse yourself in the truth of God’s word and what is conceived by the Spirit will be preserved by the Spirit.

While the enemy will do his bit when he senses greatness is about to be birthed by stirring things up around you, do not give in to anything. Just cry out for grace and more grace, so that you don’t miss your step and find yourself in the wrong political environment. If you get into the wrong environment, you have to look for people to ‘vote’ for you. This means you have to resort to their manipulation, false loyalties and alignments.

When you carry God’s vision, you are voted in anyway, which is why all hell breaks loose. Your testimony will encourage many and although this may come with its own challenges, there is nothing you can do about that except the the same grace that carried you through will see you through.

In Him,

Reverend Betty King


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