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The Four Anointings

Dear Saints,

These are exciting times and there are also many things raging against believers. In prayer The Lord highlighted these points to me and I pray that it blesses you and equips you to deal with anything that comes your way.

The four anointings that The Lord released to believers during the period of the 40-day fast are tools to equip you for such a time as this.

I appreciate that I have previously shared the first two anointings and want you to have all four in a single communication so that you know when to activate them. My team and I love you and are praying for you.

The first anointing is that:

The Holy Spirit will come like a dove. Let me explain.

We know that as Jesus came out of the water after His baptism The Holy Spirit appeared in the form of a dove and rested upon Him and John the baptist affirmed Him in His identity as The Son of God.

We also know that before His baptism Jesus had walked 30 years and been prepared as one who had been leading a fasted and separated life.