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Triumph Over Addiction

Victory Over Enslaving Compulsion

Text: 1 Peter 5:10, Romans 5:3-5, Philippians 4:13, Matthew 26:41

The Webster’s Dictionary defines addiction as “to surrender oneself to something obsessively or habitually.” An addiction detrimentally interferes with every facet of life. It is aimed at destroying relationships, isolating, tarnishing self-image and aborting destinies and purpose. It can also been seen as a stronghold in one’s life. It indulges to satisfy self. With phrases like “I want”, “I need” , “must have” and also deceptive words like, “this is my last”, “just one more”, “it won’t kill you”, “I can handle it”, “I want to drown my sorrows”. Addictions operate through the flesh, the flesh then deceives the mind with deceptive self-confidences which tends to failure.The mind governed by the flesh is death (separation from God)…Romans 8:6.

Most Addictions begin moderately then it leads to dependency. Some are caused by Ego, peer pressure (drinking and smoking in order to fit in with friends), some are by hurts, disappointment, failure and so on. I was addicted to drinking and smoking cannabis from a young age. At the time I saw it as cool and a masculine thing to do in addition with peer pressure. I later got hooked which led to my dependence on it. Every time I was depressed, I would use cannabis and alcohol as a form of escapism to “drown my sorrows” but when I got sober the problem was still there. Addiction in its early stages, never poses as a threat but with time it shows its ugly head of what it really is. For every addiction there is a root cause be it: Alcoholism, Smoking, Gambling, pornography, self

harming, sexual immorality and perversion, substance misuse etc. There is always a solution and this solution never fails.

The biggest step on overcoming addictions is recognising that you need help. So many people are bound by various bondages of addictions and are comfortable with it. They are even blind to see that they are held bound. The moment I realised that I needed help, I sought for it in Jesus. Secondly, addictions are bondages and the only way to be free from bondages is through JESUS CHRIST. He sets us free from the bondages of sin. Who the SON has set free is free indeed (John 8:36).Confessing your need for help and deliverance from such bondage invites JESUS int