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Untwisting Twisted Communication

Exposing and Breaking the Power of Leviathan

I felt that it was important to share this key word from the Lord with you.

I had a dream and in it I suddenly found myself in the house of a pastor and his wife. When I got to their home the pastor’s wife was sitting reading something quite important and she got up and was keen to show me the house and in particular how big it was. When I looked at it, I commended how big the inside of the house was with so many different rooms. I then realised that they were tenants and did not own the house. This surprised me because of how big the inside of the house was.

The scene then moved and I came to a student studying outside. I know this person to be an incredible music writer and I say that he was a student because in the dream he appeared to one who was very keen to learn and he had vast resources, restaurants, land etc – he owned it all and was looking for people to run things for him.

The scene moved on again and I saw a very big field, cleared and the land looked very fertile indeed. Although it appeared there were no gates hindering anyone from getting onto the field, no-one had gone to plant Yet as we watched the land we saw some incredibly large snakes, pythons, big, small, slender all sorts of snakes on it. They literally were the reason why people were not able to take the fulness.

Although the snakes did not cover the whole ground you had to be wise to outmanoeuvre them.

We also noticed a stick on the ground and felt to wield it as a weapon to deal with the snakes. Yet, when we touched the stick we saw that it had become a root and if wielded it would open up something because the stick had b